HY1603 All-in-one Portable Echosounder
  • Compact and lightweight

  • Concise appearance

  • Dual power supply

  • High accuracy and reliability

  • Innovative and intelligent design

  • Simple and easy-to-use software

The new HY1603 is a portable intelligent echo sounding system designed by Haiying Marine. Adopting all-in-one structure, the system integrates computer, digital signal processing and graphic imaging technology to realize the perfect combination of echo sounder and computer platform. One case in hand, you can survey anywhere anytime.


Featuring intelligent detection, identification and locked tracking to the dynamic signals, the embedded Haiying Star acquisition and post-processing software can automatically monitor and control the whole process of survey, display and store depth data and images in real time ensuring its high-level accuracy and reliability. Meanwhile, the state-of-the-art software makes sure both hydrographic survey and navigation can be conducted at the same time. A PPS interface is integrated into the system for synchronizing depth and GPS data.


Housed in a rugged,lightweight and portable carry-on case,the HY1603 can be easily deployed on small survey vessels and opportunistic platforms,and widely used for bathymetric surveys in rivers, ports, coastal areas or other complex conditions.


Frequency:     208kHz±1kHz,beam width<8°

Beam width: 8°±1°

Depth range: 0.15m~300m

Pulse width: 0.1~0.5ms

Output power:  4 channels adjustable

Accuracy: 1cm±0.1%d(d is the measured depth)

Ping rate: Max.20Hz

Phasing: Automatic change

Gain: Manual/Automatic change, 0-40dB

Sound Velocity range: 1400m/s~1600m/s

Output format: NMEA DBT, NMEA DBS, DESO 25, ODOM, SDH13D

Dimension: 22m(L)X11cm(W), 10m Cable (standard)

Weight: 2kg

Main Unit

Operating system: Windows 7,1.99GHz Intel core CPU,8GB Memory

Hard disk: 240GB SSD(expandable)

Built-in: Haiying Star acquisition and post-processing software (optional)

Display: 17‘’large-sized LCD

Built-in Battery: 12v rechargeable battery, continuous working hours≥8 h

Input Power: 12VDC or 220VAC

Interfaces Com: 1ⅹLAN,2ⅹUSB,2ⅹRS422,1ⅹBNC,transducer com,power com

Dimension: 50.2cm(L)ⅹ40.0cm(W)ⅹ18.8cm(D)

Weight: 13kg

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