HY1602 Dual Frequency Echosounder
  • Dual frequency with 208 kHz and 24 kHz, double channels

  • Simultaneous output of echogram and chart paper result

  • TVG/AVG dynamic adjustment, reinforced anti- jamming ability

  • Low noise reception, space and time filter adjustment, locked tracking

  • High speed USB interface, huge storage capacity

  • Echogram output for real time display, storage, playback and printing

  • Multi-ports Communications for GPS, motion sensors, etc.

  • Available acquisition software like HYPACK, EIVA

  • High brightness LCD screen and ultra-wide angle of view

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The HY1602 is an all-in-one dual frequency echosounder system that can output both echogram and chart paper results simultaneously. It features digital signal processing and digital imaging technologies, embedded industrial control system and data acquisition software. The survey software can achieve functions of automatic sounding control, intelligent dynamic signal detection, identification, locked tracking and real-time monitoring, which ensures its high reliability and precision. The HY1602 is an advanced and reliable SBE which is extensively used for surveying in the river, lake, ocean and other complex conditions.

Contact Us:

Overseas Sales Manager:

Ms. Jing Chai
+86 15895347296


Frequency: 208 kHz/24kHz

Transducers Beam: ≤ 8° @ 208 kHz; ≤ 20°@ 24 kHz

Depth range: 0.5m-300m @ 208 kHz, 1m-2000m @ 24 kHz

Accuracy: 0.01m ± 0.1% @ 208 kHz , 0.10m ±0.1% @ 24 kHz

Output power: 200W @ 208 kHz, 500W @ 24 kHz

Power supply: 22-31V DC or 180-260V AC

Consumption power: 100W 

Recording: Echogram with large capability hard disk storage, thermal chart paper recording


Dimensions: 400 mm × 200 mm × 310mm (main unit), 3× 1.5m (supporting tube)

15 m (Cable length of transducer, adjustable), 

Weight: 17.5kg (main unit), 20kg (transducer), 13kg (supporting tube)

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