Customized Echosounders

The HY-Smart echosounder is perfectly designed for collecting draft, depth, sound velocity, temperature and other parameters simultaneously, which increases overall work productivity. Collected data and bathygrams are transmitted to computer terminals via WiFi or Ethernet communication. The system is fully integrated and suitably installed on unmanned vehicles and other platforms.


The HY-Smart echosounder

The ship draft detection system is designed for measuring the ship's draft depth, mainly consisting of single-beam echosounders, pressure sensors, inclination sensors, SVP and other measuring instruments. When the ship passes above the detection structure frame, the single-beam sensor array will measure the distance from the bottom surface of the ship to the frame, and thereby calculate the ship draft.

The cableway echosounder is composed of the transducer (installed on the lead fish of the hydrological cableway), the host (suspended on the lifting rope of the hydrological cableway), high-power WiFi and software, suitable for hydrological cableway Sounding.

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The ship draft detection system               The cableway echosounder

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