HY-BAS007 Self-contained Hydrophone
  • Portable and easy to deploy in any marine environment.

  • 1TB storage for extensive data collection and storage.

  • Long-lasting operation for over two weeks with rechargeable batteries and low power consumption.

  • Flexible sampling rate range (2kSps to 256kSps) to meet different research requirements.

  • Precise signal amplification and adjustment with a programmable gain range of -30dB to 50dB.

  • High acquisition accuracy of up to 24 bits for detailed hydroacoustic data.

  • Customizable features such as working frequency band, gain options, and integration with a control computer.

The HY-BAS007 is a self-contained hydrophone that offers independent recording and storage capabilities for hydroacoustic information. It combines the functionalities of a traditional analog hydrophone, amplification and conditioning circuits, data acquisition, storage, and data transmission. Designed for flexible assembly and deployment, it excels in unattended marine environments, operating reliably for extended periods.

This hydrophone's convenient and efficient features make it suitable for a wide range of applications, such as marine environmental noise research, ocean acoustic layer analysis, geoacoustic parameter inversion, underwater acoustic channel characteristics research, and target radiated noise measurement. Its versatility and reliability have established it as an indispensable tool in these fields.

Synchronous punctuality accuracyBetter than 4ms/day@tcxo
Number of channels1
ConnectionIntegrated into the hull
Sample rateMaximum 256ksps (configurable)
Sample depth24bit
Fixed gainDefault 26dB(can be customized)
Total gain-30dB~+50dB
Signal frequency bandDefault 10Hz~50KHz(can be customized)
System spectrum level37dB@1kHz
Data storage capacity1TB TF card
Harmonic distortion≤-75dB@1kHz(When the gain is 1)
Maximum undistorted input signal±250mVpp
Digital interfaceUSB
Continuous working timeWorks continuously for 7 days at the maximum (256k) sampling rate, and can standby for 60 days in sleep mode
Working mode

Configurable, not less than 16 time periods.

Different sampling tasks can be configured with different gain, sampling rate and other parameters.

DataAcquisition time, sampling rate, and preamplifier gain information
Data outputExported to the computer by segment, with a rate of not less than 10MB/s
Host computerCreate collection tasks and set parameters
Acquisition data browsing softwareThe collection time domain data, noise spectrum level, collection time, parameter settings, etc. can be dragged to display.
Depth rated500 meters (full water depth optional)
Dimension(excel. end cap)420mm×φ68mm

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